Goodguys West Coast Nationals 2011 picdump (includes some awesome model engines)


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Jul 6, 2008
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Thumbs, click for huge. Hope everyone likes my point and click photo shooting skills :)

silly hood... but otherwise DO WANT

The model engine hall. Everything in here was built from scratch, many of them mostly by hand, and fully functional.

...except for this old Harley. that wasn't a model.

Everything else was though. Crazy thing about the model V8's, is they actually sound like a real V8 when they're fired up!

This Duesenberg model. Pics don't do it justice.

What goes into that empty engine bay:

Other models.

Lol, true for full size engines too <_<

Some steam engines.

Bentley radial rotary

Supercharged twin.

More aircraft engines.

And a tank.

And a smallblock Chevy.

Yes there were real cars there too, in case you were wandering :p

Check out the headers!

Not something you'd expect to see at an event showcasing US steel... unless it has a Corvette drivetrain in it. which this one apparently did.

Auburn replica

I don't know what this thing is. but it was awesome!

You don't need a V8 for a proper hot rod.

Badass little roadster!

Another one for the "I don't need no stinkin V8!" club. this one had a Chevy 4-banger.

Cool truck thing.