Google account with several youtube "aliases" on the Apple TV?


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Mar 31, 2008
Insignia CT 4x4 CDTI Biturbo
I've got an old-ass Youtube account from the pre-google era. Fast forward until present time, and I'm now stuck with a single Google account with two Youtube channels on it. One with my old YT username, and another one with my real name (from my google+ profile, I guess?)

Google's YT app for iOS lets me choose which one to use when logging in. But what about devices like Apple TV (and I'm assuming, other boxes) where you sign in to access your playlists and Watch Later queue and so forth? My Apple TV just shows the old YT when logging in, and there's no obvious way to even access the other one. The Apple TV software obviously doesn't know that the possibility even exists to have several channels on the same account.

Do I need to wait for Apple to update the firmware to introduce this feature, or is there some setting I can flip somewhere in my Google account to tell "dumb" devices which account to use?
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