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Google is one step further in taking over the world


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May 29, 2004
[Mr. Burns]Excellent[/Mr. Burns]

FYI, today is the 10th anniversary of the launch of Windows 95.

EDIT: Linky no worky?
I hope they make a new OS, hope it's good too! Bill has been bossy for too long now.

We need some new stuff.
True, M$ could use some competition. But its very hard. But you can't 'make' an OS out of the blue i think. There were rumours, that developers of Firefox where working for Google, for an new browser.
But new stuff is always good :)
I have actually started to use the Desktop Search... As a Test. It also displays rss feeds, your email (not only Gmail, outlook has to running, though...) weather (only US so far :( ) Pictures, system stats... Quite nice, looks like this:


I like it so far... Dunno about the performance, though...

If Google made a OS i think it would do well soly based on the Google brand, i would use it.
I'm talking to Pdanev now, and this rocks! Seriously, MSN will only be used to spread the word about this. So much cleaner, and so much simpler!

You can minimize the screens by clicking once on the header. Oh this is nice!
yeah, quite impressive, i like how you can minimize it to one line
its really simple and effective, not too many options though, i'd like to change the default white background of the converstation window, i really hate bright colors :(
viper we need a new button below our signatures next to icq/msn etc, for google talk :)
Jostyrostelli said:
I hope they make a new OS, hope it's good too! Bill has been bossy for too long now.

We need some new stuff.

Not from Google though. They're a little to keen to gather data from you. And People are afraid of Microsoft. :dunno:
I have no friends on my Google contact list :(
me neither... ;-)
Yay! I've got one potential friend :lol:
Yay! Mine is Cruzz563 [at] gmail.com :D