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Google Pack!


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Dec 19, 2004
Singapore (Ex-Bahrain)
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Google yesterday announced the release of Google Pack, a free collection of essential software.

Along with Google's own programs, such as

Google Earth - 3D Earth browser,
Picasa - Photo organizer,
Google Desktop,
Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer,
Google Pack Screensaver,

Google pack also contains

Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar,
Adobe Reader 7 - PDF reader,
Ad-Aware SE Personal - Antispyware utility,
Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition - Antivirus utility.
a six month subscription to Norton Antivirus, and
Trillian as well as other apps.

LINK: GooglePack
everyone invest in google stock now becaus they WILL rule all of existance someday. we'll see the Googlerarri Google Imoogle on Top Google on the BBGTwo, Sundoolgles at 8:00GM
Google is our master and I don't have a problem with it! :D
I know I'm young but I took the wise decision to invest with Google this year (well last year now actually) and its gone up 375% in under a year ;)

Its not too late to get in ya know.

Google rocks!!
eueueueh, by buying stocks?

and there are people who still use norton???
Stocks it is carsightings :) Seriously...check out a 1yr chart or something and you'll know what I mean.
uh... stocks today for google is NOT GOOD. it's dropped almost $30!!!!

I'm already losing so much money in other stocks.... damn the stock market.