Google Street View Car Sightings - while you play the Street View Game


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Mar 6, 2005
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So the point of this is simple. See a cool/exotic/unique car while playing the Street View game (or just looking at Street View). Post it here.

Heres the small catch. Not to have a million Bentley Continental GTs in this thread, I will be updating this post with a list of cars that have been posted. Once a car is on the list, don't post it again.

I'm gonna start off with this Audi RS2

And heres the list.

  • Aston Martin:
    • AMV8
  • Audi:
    • RS2
  • Bentley:
    • Continental GT
  • BMW:
    • 6-series (E24)
  • Ferrari:
    • 612 Scaglietti
  • Jaguar:
    • E-Type coupe
  • Koenigsegg:
    • CCX
  • Lamborghini:
    • Murcielago (original)
    • Gallardo
    • Gallardo Spyder
    • Gallard LP560-4
  • Morris:
    • Minor
  • Porsche:
    • 911 GT2
  • Reliant:
    • Robin
  • Toyota:
    • Prius (google Street View vehicle)
  • Volkswagen:
    • Beetle (Classic)
    • Eos (clamped)
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Found while looking in Nice for my next idea for a challenge...

Maybe you should have posted the Noble in here aswell as the Aston Martin.
Maybe you should have posted the Noble in here aswell as the Aston Martin.

It's a bit late, but I'll do that tomorrow if its not done by then. I'm gonna add the Bug to the list, then go to sleep.
^ I can't edit posts for some weird reason, so I'll post this here:
I found the car Google uses as their StreetView car in Japan: A Prius! :O
^That's interesting, they used a Cobalt in my city. Also here is the pic of the tiny Aston from earlier.

Here's the E-type I mentioned earlier, found while looking fr the Accord coupe. Annoyingly the Accord turned out to be on this road, but at the other end. I started half way.

I have no idea how common they are but here is a reliant robin.

I guess I have found a new way to waste time at work:lol:. I believe this is a Morris Minor.

A good start for me, here's two I stumbled upon in London.


Original Murcielago.
Updated. I don't think that Saab is special enough for this, unless we want to just document one of everything (not such a bad idea?). What is it btw? An older 9000 CDE? Looks like it.

And should this thread maybe go in General Automotive? Since its less of a game and more of Car Sightings?
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Just to get these out of the way, here are the supercar dealerships in La Jolla.

This is symbolic motor company on the corner of La Jolla blvd and Pearl Street. This place is about 4 blocks away from my old high school:


I used to see Lambos, maseratis, and lotuses driving up the hill past our HS and MS (which is right up the street from the HS).

This is the Ferrari/Maserati dealership located on the corner of Girard and Pearl street:


This came in right as soon as I joined Berkeley in 2004. Before this, the place was an empty shop.

I had never even been in either of them, just peered through them from the outside, until recently. I went with my friend from Cal in June, and they had numerous Murcielagos, Bentleys, and Rolls Royces. They had my most favorite of all cars in my most favorite of all colors for it, parked right in the main entrance: The LP640 in all black. :drool:

Anyways, resume googling.
Is that red Maserati in the window a Gran Turismo or a Quattroporte? I can't tell.