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Google Web Accelerator


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Sep 21, 2003
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[edit] Don't use it with the forum. It seems to screw up sessions and therefore the new posts. I still recommend using this program, but just add forum.finalgear.com to the list of sites to not accelerate. :) [/edit]

Check it out!



The Google servers cache slow sites and such and sends it to you faster. It also seems to check to see if the page has changed via Google's servers and if not, displays a locally cached file. This makes for UBER fast page views on unchanged pages as it doesn't actually have to download any HTML to see if the page has changed.

Works with both IE and Firefox. :thumbsup:

Load Time for 76 Pages
Without Google Web Accelerator: 6.8 mins
With Google Web Accelerator: 6.2 mins

Total Time Saved: 31.0 seconds
No the link is good, and the program is too! :D

Thanks alot.

Lol with every click on this site it jumps with 5 or 6 seconds :lol:
That's so weird - the first time it took me to google toolbar, then when Josty said it doesn't, I tried again and it worked :? - anyway, great link, thanks. :)
I had to add this forum to the list of sites to not accelerate though. It would screw up my admin stuff when moving threads and such since it uses PHP sessions via the URL for that for security. :(
Overheat said:
Stops you logging in too :(

Use autologin...it's a pain in the ass to log in every time..
so is it really worth getting, or dies it become annoying trying to figure out what sites you need to tell the program not to accelerate?
wow this is so cool! there is some program on the net u have to pay 25 bucks a year for and it accellerates ur 56k 24x or some thing and BB by 8x. but this is free and after 5 secs has saved me 3.5 sconds! now i can scratch my balls and know that i;ve saved time1
*contemplates a Google OS, becomes all warm and fuzzy inside :p *
there have been a number of privacy and security debates, one centering around the fact that some users have found themselves logged into websites as someone else.
How many logins on Finalgear are needed to become Admin ? :lol:
Jostyrostelli said:
I have a feeling this thing is messing with my "new posts" :bangin:
It is. At first i thought it was the something else, but since the new posts feature works fine after I uninstalled it, it had to be the webaccelerator.
I got 5 seconds to waste.. am good without the accelerator :p