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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
2008 Dodge Viper, 2006 MB CLS55 AMG
Nice. When I had my MPower-BMW.com site, I was so happy when my site was rated number one when you entered the words BMW Pics. :D
Why did you let the domain go?
I got the domain through Network Solutions which was really designed for corporate businesses. So, the design manager that you had to use to upload changes for the site took forever to use. It was a pain and everything had to be used through templates. I couldnt use my own design, technically. Additionally, they only let me use 5 pages. I wanted to do more, but it would have made the site a complete mess. So, when they asked for renewal, I didnt respond and gave it away. Plus, I wanted to do a Mazda site because there really is no site dedicated to Mazdas. And now with Mazdas being at a sportier end of the spectrum, there is a larger fan base waiting to get tapped into. I just need to find a host that allows you to use FrontPage.
Next time, register the domain with www.godaddy.com and then get yourself real hosting. ;)
:lol: :thumbup:
:lol: :thumbsup:
God, the site got OWNED Google wise when we moved. :cry:

I thought I was being smart when I sent 301 header tags (permanently moved) when redirecting to here from gear.viper007bond.com, but I guess it made Google delete gear.viper007bond.com from it's search results and for some reason, this site isn't listed AT ALL when searching for FG or TG releated stuff as far as I can tell. :(
btw Viper.... did you ever think the community would be this big and be the top for the Search engine or were you just looking to start a small community?
bihus said:
Will it take that long to climb up again?

since the position is determined by the number of hits on google, and the number of sites that link to yours, it might take a while

it doesn't show on google, so doens't get any hits
and all the other sites linking to this, first have to change the URL to the new address