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got so owned today by my exam test =(=(=(


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
well today i had my psychology AS exam unit 1 and 2 and guess what, i already know i chucked 16% of my unit 1 exam marks away.

situation is the question asked bout differnet thoery in the learning appoarch and the answer was ment to be vygotsky and instead i wrote 3 pages on fucking Erikson.

so i lost 12 marks, 16% and my grade. FUCK

makes me feel so down and depressed.

now i'll probz have to retake, which makes me feel like a failiure.

i wasnt doin too well in my unit 2 and was hoping iget a good mark for unit 1 but now i know i will not get the grade i want.

Keep looking at your avatar and the feeling should decrease a little. In time ...
Was a bunch of women asses in thongs, animated gif that was moving fast, it was annoying and NSFW
Well, good thing it got clamped down on....I mean, I like asses, thongs, boobies, and all too, but it seems we've had a bit of increase in the "racy" avatars lately...I like to sneak a few minutes of my lunch time at work on these boards, but I'm starting to wonder how safe it is.... :(
I replaced it by this very work safe (but gay) avatar

I got raped by my last exam too.. duno if am getting into univ or not after this one.. I really hope i got a decent grade :(
what grades have u got so far? my gcses have been ok not great and i am not too hopeful bout my a levels
A levels is tough. I take it too. Better not retake your AS, you're gonna end up taking double the amount of papers during your A2 exams which is gonna be pretty fucked up.
i know man i am really worried. i have high expections for myself and i really believe it can get 3 a's. but looks like i jsut drop a grade :(
I used to take the O'levels.. finished them
took AS .. but didn't go as far as A2.. continued with the Canadian high school system because the fuckers at the univ didn't like my AS grades (well they were bad but they also wasted 2 years of my life) :-( ah anyways.. I'll get my exam grade on Monday... am scared shitless ... do you know that am redoing the course just to upgrade my grade by 1% ? how fucked up is that.. they wasted 1 year of my life for a freaking percent.. and whats really sad and messed up, is that I did so bad on the exam I don't think i can get that 1 percent.. i feel like crying :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: and whats really really fucked up is that the exam was so easy, but i didn't study
/me runs in the backyard naked laughing hysterically AAHAHAHAAHAH :woot:
damm u unlcuky mah 1% i know how u feel.

my GCSES i was always less than 5% to the next grade, its so fucking annoying when u know if u got just a few more questions right or marks u b in the next grade!

and renesis AS determine what uni get in to
Dude I am writing my AS and A Levels right now. Chemistry practical did not go well. Had done half of the practical and left the other half.

Ren, AS and A levels are the main key to universities. if you have bad AS results, unis don't even give a conditional offers....

i need 3 Bs to get into uni.... already have an A for my maths AS :)
what grades are u getting ren?

raheel ur right which uni ur applying for and which course? what are the minial requirements?

i aiming for Aston in UK. 3rd in UK for business studies requries AAB :shock:
I have an offer from city university london, MEng Motorsport Engineering, minimal requirement is a B in Math, B in Physics and a B in Chemistry.
MEng Motorsport Engineering? is there a good chance for a good job? i mean it be nice to study, but does it lead to a good job? that market is v. competitive.

what is CUL ranked
^I don't think Motorsport engineering is very competitive, first of all, there are not many people who study the course so it makes you stand out more, plus there are so many motorsport companies out there it shouldn't be a problem to find a job. a competitive market would be something like Accounting or Marketing where if you throw a rock up in the air, you'll probably hit about 5accountants :D