Gran Turismo 4 - Out 3rd December (14th in US)

I was anticipating the December release of GT4 so I would have something to do during my winter break from school. When I heard it was delayed I sold my PS2 and games for $200 to my boss.
lol why? could have just waited like 2 months only for it. now u got to buy a brand new one if u want to play gt4 :lol: :lol: :p
Well, if I want to play it that bad then I can go to my brother's house across the street!
hey some guy at a shop says u go to option in the chinese version of GT4 and u can change it to that true lol?
no, it's only english on the box/manuals or something, I read about it but forgot the details.
^^I don't think theres an option for you to change it to English... if they had it... it would be in alot of markets already
i wonder if iu could get something to change everything in to englsih later. like winning 11 some guy bothered to change everyones name and saved it.
Here is an update for the pal version hopefully the US release will have the fixes:

Credit goes to amar212 over at gtplanet

Here is the gist of that thread

"First, all new info.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Main menu has been reworked, some icons are moved left-right - europeans and americans are closer, PhotoTravel is now last icon on the upper left and so on, but all is there, no news.

Data form both Prologue anf GT3 can be loaded. GTP save (with all licences done) clears B and A licences, while GT3 save gives 100,000 credits. Notice that you do not win any trophies, you have to obtain it from the scratch, even the bronzes - but you get your licence "PASSED". Notice that you start with usual 10,000 credits and that all prices are near real-life quivallent of car prices in euro, as I have time to check so far. Most of special cars have the same prices as in ASIA version, minus 2 nulls.

No hdtv support, supports Pro Logic 2,

- for units you can choose km/h or mp/h,
- for power you can choose between BHP, PS, HP, CH, KW, CW of PF (that's what I call a choice), and
- for torque you can choose between kgf.m, or classical Nm.

Most important: 2 player vs. races garage is in. There is an option to load data from both mem cards. Still have to check does the game transfers all the settings done, but I guess it does.

No new races, no new courses so far. Okwardly, the El Capitan is listed in Course Registry as 2P race.

New Cars:
MAZDA 2005 MX-Crossport - no specs displayed
Mitsubishi 2005 New Eclipse '06 - 263HP/5750rpm
Volkswagen 2004 Golf R32 - 552HP/5250rpm
AUDI 2003 Nuvolari quattro - no specs
AUDI 2003 Pikes Peak quattro - 499HP/5500rpm
Chrysler 2005 300C Hemi - 340HP/5000rpm
Alfa Romeo 2004 Alfa GT - 236HP/6200rpm
Auto Union 1937 V16 Type C Streamliner - 512HP/5000rpm
Chaparral 1967 2D (beautiful car) - 420HP/6800rpm :shock:
Chaparral 1970 2J (crazy car to see, the fans are lunatical) - 679HP/7200rpm :shock:
JAGUAR 1988 XJR9 (beauty) - 749HP/7200rpm
Peugeot 1992 905B Evo 1 Bis LM (beauty) - 512HP/11000rpm

New manufactorers are obviouselly Chaparral (USA) and Korean manufactorer ProtoWorks, represented trough it's concept supercar Spirra (319HP/6000rpm)."

THere is a ton more at that link he should have pics up tomorrow sometime.
PAL version is also a lot higher FPS and stuff IIRC.
Viper007Bond said:
PAL version is also a lot higher FPS and stuff IIRC.

Thats correct, taken from gtplanet again thanks to amar212

"The game is optimised for PAL because it is full speed, full screen with the high refresh rate of a PAL TV at 50hz but with the maximum number of lines and resolution that a PAL TV supports.

An NTSC screen is 240 lines so the image is lower quality. A PAL screen is 256 lines, so the cars and tracks look better.

Because the game is optimised for PAL - it is 50 frames per second and 256 lines in full PAL resolution.

It does not need a 50/60 switch because the PAL version is optimised to work in PAL.

A 50/60 switch is normally put in when the PAL version is non-optimised.

The whole physics engine and crucially the speed of the cars - is rebuilt for PAL so that all together the PAL version will be the highest quality version of the game."
Sucks that we don't get all of that. :( Stupid NTSC.
Viper007Bond said:
Sucks that we don't get all of that. :( Stupid NTSC.

What about HDTV? Aren't we adopting it quickert? I'm about to get a Dish 811 HD receiver for my Sony 50" LCD Projection set.
Yeah, we are, but I don't think they're optomizing the game for them.
Hanven't I heard something, that I will support it, but only if you play it on the PS3 once it comes out?? Don't know, though...

^ The game would have to support some sort of hard drive functionality for downloadable content before you could just add a car. Remember, it's on a DVD - nothing can be written or added to it once you buy it.
In short, not a chance.
Buba said:
Hanven't I heard something, that I will support it, but only if you play it on the PS3 once it comes out?? Don't know, though...


I've also heard that HDTV is only supported by the PS3, whcih makes sense really.