Gran Turismo 5

Here's a tip on winning the Indy 500 easily: set the car's downforce to full so you won't have brake for the corners (you can go flat out). :D
Here's something for those who want a laugh; the 3000bhp Civic :lol:

Please note that the person who does the video does swear a bit, so consider that your warning :p
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Wait what who when?
Apparently there is also a 100000hp Redbull X2010 :blink:

The joys of hacked console (or developer stations).
Yeah, I saw that too.

Honestly, I see no fun in that. <shrug>
The new Mini seasonals are pretty fun (especially C?te d'Azur). :D

Last week, they introduced a new kind of time trial where you have cars to overtake while racing against the clock. That was pretty fun too. :)
New seasonals feature TTs with an Alfa 8C and a 'Vette ZR1 RM. Last time I drove this 'Vette it sounded like shit:

but they probably fixed it in a patch and now it sounds like amplified thunder! :woot:

Awesome video also with it going around Circuit de la Sarthe at night (u mad, Forza fans? :D).
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I have now driven 726 cars around the ring and done at least one hot lap with them. After the end of next week I will have a 3 week break until the next semester starts and will hopefully get up to 800 cars by then. Slowly but surely, I am going to own and drive every car around the ring. (Except of course for the few specials cars that only some people got)
As little as I care about Gran Turismo nowadays, I'm really excited to see what they come up with.
God damn that Ginetta G4 is a fun little thing! :w00t:

I was doing the latest seasonals featuring classic cars and I don't think I've ever enjoyed losing so much because it's just so damn fun (I had it on CS tires) and you really can't win those races (max 500PP) with a stock G4.
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In the nearly 3 years I had GT5, I don't think I've ever gone to the "Gran Turismo TV" section of the main menu. So I went in there today and I'm glad I did because there's loads of great HD videos on various things like GT Academy and the development of GT5, plus you can also re-watch the original intro and the ending movies (which are just beautiful). :)
guys how did you complete the 500pp world classic car seasonal event? I cant catch the first in Tsukuba Circuit / 7 Laps. I tried with Alfa Romeo GIULIA TZ2 carrozzata da ZAGATO CN.AR750106 ?65. A lot of power and weight combinations but whatever I did, I cant catch.
which car shall I use. I tried many but still cant do it.

edit: re-enter the race. First car changed, problem solved.
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Sony will discontinue online play on May 20th :(