No 56k: Grand Theft Auto IV

install it fresh? that's what im doing and just updating to 1.0.4, way easier than hacking down.

Just get a savegame and mod files. Installing icenhancer is a one click thing, it just replaces files

I'm hoping this new version will install over the old version without complications.
Kinda related to GTAIV:

I really like this song and I heard it's in the game:

Any more love for Kino?
Got it all almost working, got IV installed, patched to 1.0.4, xliveless dll, native trainer and icenhancer working, just need to start replacing cars, fix the traffic load problem with mod cars and setup the speedometer.

The icenhancer does make the game look weirder and more gritty at times, its weird but way more realistic

:O :O

San Andreas mod for GTA IV, still beta work, but HOLY MOLY, gonna try this out soon. Beta update Aug 1st, so gonna a couple of days before trying this mod.
what error do you get, also dont you backup your files? its pretty easy to revert the car mods back to original
Neat, I've modded my GTA to the point of crashing. Again :p

Story of my life.

what error do you get, also dont you backup your files? its pretty easy to revert the car mods back to original

I never do. It's too much of a hassle, and I've become more and more unorganized over the years when it comes to files. I tend to add 10 new cars then the game crashes, I can't figure out which one is the one making it crash, the full backup reverts everything back to stock and I can't be bothered to start installing cars one by one again...

I used to do it in college when I had free time, now...not so much.
internet sites are only just learning about gta car modding and going nuts about this as if its a new thing... Its quite neat, but quite simple, make car invisible, pass time, pop car in at x speed, the native trainer does all those things, its just scripted here. He made the car extra strong also, so it doesnt explode easy
Must watch:



^How are you getting name brand cars?

I've been playing GTA4 on my brothers XBox 360 and I've completed maybe, one mission? I end doing extremely long police chases that involve dropping grenades and bashing through road blocks. So far the green box truck or the airport tug are the best as far as not losing speed after hitting a police car or swat van.

Blasting people with the fire truck hose so far is the best, until you stay put too long and a pedestrian gets pissed off and pulls you out of the truck. :lol:
I think that is a PC hack/mod.