No 56k: Grand Theft Auto IV

I know I'm years late, but got myself this one for the first time. It's great, I've never played it before because everyone told me how bad the driving physics were and how awful this game worked on pc... I have to say, I'm more impressed with IV than with PS3's V. Maybe because I wasn't expecting anything.
the physics themselves are actually awesome and in fact better than in many arcade racing games. its just the car's setups that are bad, especially with the ridiculous body roll. i'd suggest to get one of those realistic handling mods like this: which updates every car in the game and completely transforms the driving experience. it makes the game so much more enjoyable, i couldn't play it without it.
How does this game play on Intel graphics? I think I have 4000 series or the Intel HD graphics in my laptop.
Works very well on GeForce GTX 650 Ti.
Probably not that well, it manages to choke even the latest graphics cards. You'd have to turn down everything quite a bit, almost console level.

GTA4? I find that hard to believe. I would have thought different.
GTA IV is notorious for being badly optimised. Iirc, some settings pushed it in the 2GB+ VRAM realm in its day.
Yeah, it's pretty bad. Even in the final mission I can't climb into helicopter. Hope they will do better with V.
Is it because you have too new of a version of Windows? Sometimes changing the compatibility mode will help.
Just for shits and gigs...

I had an issue recently with an industrial programming software that caused it to not work right. Removing update KB4041681 in Windows 7 fixed it. its names different in 8, and 10.

For my specific issue related to that KB update, it caused improper start up (as if files were missing from the program) and I wasn’t able to connect through my usb-rj45 adapter. It recognized the cable fine so, I don’t believe this was driver related. The software was just operating very badly.