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Great Game


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Dec 1, 2004
ohio, usa
s13 and a beater daily
andyhui01 said:
I can barely hit 1500... wtf, but this game is luck, theres basically no skill

I was browsing other pages while the kitten bounced on the most various things. So, of course it's luck. But funny, nonetheless. :)
14 ft :lol:

need to beat that :twisted:
Longest 944 ft
Shortest 11 ft
Longest 1.008 ft

Shortest 13 ft

[edit] make that 1.122 [/edit]
me : longest 1354 ft
shortest 15 ft

my girl friend : longest 1354 ft
shortest 9 ft (!)
i do have to say that kitty cannon is funnier and not as annoying