"Greatest" "American" "car" designs "from the modern era"

I was just thinking the same thing yesterday, but I was on a walk at the time, and forgot to post it when I got home. Ha!

OK, so the faux grill didn't last long, but the design itself proved that an EV could look like a "normal" car, and I think it's aged very well. It's a 10-year old design now, and hasn't changed much aside from face-lifts.
I think the faux grille was there just to make it look as much as possible like a “normal” car, to appeal to buyers of ordinary fossil cars. I have to say the design still looks modern and contemporary today, despite being a decade old. Today I think that faux grilles on electric vehicles just looks stupid.

The most significant feature of the Model S though is what’s underneath. The construction with the “rolling skateboard” design where the battery sits flat underneath the floor, giving the occupants tons of space inside with no transmission tunnel. This also gave Tesla the ability to fit a big battery that meant it could do up to 500 km on one charge, and had the fast charging capability to be recharged to about 400 km range in less than 30 minutes. Tesla managed to do this on a shoestring budget at a time when legacy automakers with bottomless pockets strongly alleged that long range battery electric vehicles was not possible to do, they were only feasible as small city cars.
It's a 10-year old design now, and hasn't changed much aside from face-lifts.
This 10-year-old design is still in the top 3 of best looking EVs, if not in the top spot. It proves that EVs don't have to visually sit on a stack of batteries. There are a few other examples (Tesla 3, Porsche Taycan, Honda e come to mind), but the S still looks sleek and elegant like no other. They achieved this by not overdesigning it.

In terms of this thread, the Tesla S sadly wasn't so influencal from a visual point of view (at least on the outside, the interior is another matter, and not a good one), but its architecture was groundbreaking.
Fisker Karma I believe.


Or the 9th generation Ford F-Series, personally I prefer the Bronco.

The Fisker was made in Finland.
What do you think are the greatest¹ American² car³ designs from the modern era⁴?

²"American" - made in America? Made elsewhere, but American company? Designed in the US, but sold elsewhere? Any of those are fine

I'd say "sure" just to keep the conversation going and keeping it interesting, otherwise I think we'll run out of steam. :lmao: