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Grumpy Old Men At Christmas


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Apr 9, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
I don't know if it was a repeat but Jeremy Clarkson was on Grumpy Old Men At Christmas. I liked his story about not being able to get the brandy to burn so he used a bit of petrol.

Anyone got a rip of this? Can't find it on mininova or uknova.
:eek: Somehow I missed this thread.

Ok I did a bit of googling on "grumpy old men", here's some info:


I've updated Clarkson's TV/Video List (I suspect Clarkson was only in the 2004 episodes).

It appears there is a dvd for this special:

Does anyone with a UKNova account know if any of these are available? (It certainly seems that they've been repeated a few times over the years)
It's UKNova policy to not have anything that is available on DVD.