GT Sport coming to PS4

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Beta early 2016... But this is PD, so maybe 2025.
Also VR option.
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I wonder what comes out of this... a bigger GT Academy demo thing or a full blown GT game with more emphasis on competing with other people? If it is the latter, I might finally have a reason to think about getting a PS4. Otherwise, pass.
Is this supposed to compete with Forza Horizon?
Sooooo, we're gonna have GT7 and GT Sport?
GT Sport Gameplay Trailer

ND Miatas in Tokyo Gameplay

Photomode looks simply epic! Rest looks like a souped up GT6 and the sound effects are still somewhat unconvincing. Not sure yet if this is the reason to get a PS4.
Came here to post that. :D

Yes, photomode is incredible. Gameplay...not so much.
I'll way and see,because as you said, I am not convinced to get a PS4 yet.
I like how the second trailer is unapologetically in-game PS4 content with jaggy edges and shader pop in. :lol:
I'm kinda underwhelmed...

Photomode looks incredible but I'm never going to use it, so it doesn't really matter. I will have to try it to see if the cars feel right to drive, which is the most important.

I have only seen the trailer and a short clip of gameplay, but from what I heard the sounds still seem pretty meh. I thought I read that they hired a new sound guy and they were reworking the sounds so I'm pretty disappointed. But it could just be that I saw it on my phone speakers or they aren't done with the sounds yet...
It's not you. Sounds still is meh, which seems SO SIMPLE to fix and yet they can't manage to do it.
I'll wait for the actual game, but I am not expecting much.
i'm expecting the cars to still have tires made from soap, and every track is secretly made from ice, and sounds like the vaccuum cleaners are in full effect still. I wonder if they'll still have PS2 models in the game too. :p
It's not you. Sounds still is meh, which seems SO SIMPLE to fix and yet they can't manage to do it.
I'll wait for the actual game, but I am not expecting much.

Yeah. ALL of their competitors does sound much better. They need to just scrap everything they are currently doing and at the very least just copy what the others are doing.
Gameplay looks overwhelmingly boring and dull. Also in the first video above, whats going on with the Z4 at 1:19. Looks like the physics glitched out when it rejoins the track.
A better example of in-game sound, along with a discussion of what's improved, and what still needs work...

I'm willing to bet that they imrpoved the sound on some cars, like with GT5, they improved the graphics on a few cars, and kept showing them off, then when we got the game, most the cars were from GT4 or something without graphical updates.

So is it the same here then? buy a standard car, and still vaccuum cleaner mode and PS2 graphics?

I won't buy a PS4 until Neo, or Keanu or whatever it is called comes out, so I rather have it delayed anyway.
True that.
I thought 6 never got delayed? That was announced and released to avoid the bullshit that happened with 5
6 was never released, it was just the first non-beta version of GT5 renamed...