Ownership Verified: gt1750's Alfa 156 V6


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So here comes (finally!) the thread for the Alfa 156 I bought almost two months ago. I was searching for a second car since last summer, criteria were: slightly sporty feel, 5 or more cylinders, 4 useable seats, must appeal to my wife, price 5-6k Euro tops. Alfas were obviously high on the list, but I was looking on other things, too. The "must appeal to my wife" point sadly eliminated some interesting cars like 3rd/4th gen F-Bodies, Mustangs of the same vintage, AR 164 and GTV or Fiat Coupe. 156/147 GTA for this kind of money usually require a lot of work, so in the end, I was looking mainly at GT 3.2 or 156 2.5. I found this one listed online in Brno, Czech Republic in February, exchanged some calls and e-mails with the seller and in March I took my older daughter to CZ and we returned back with a car! I got her registered and T?Ved in April and since then I waited for the moment when I can wash her and take some pics, because between work and the family I have pretty much zero free time until it's dark...

About the car itself: She's a 2004 Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6, 6-speed manual, FWD. Had 2 owners from new and slightly under 95.000km on the clock when I got her. She's mostly stock and has very few extras (Cruise Control, wood) and minor mods (Rear Parking sensors, Bluetooth/USB).

Onto the pics! All clickable for bigger res of course.

Interior. Tan cloth, black plastic and a little wood. The seats feel good, although they are not as supportive as the TI seats I had in my first 156.

Engine - V6 engineered by the famed Giuseppe Busso, here in the 2.5 litre form producing 192 hp at 6300 rpm. Sounds and feels great, throttle response is instant, loves to rev :love:

She's a joy to drive, the engine revs freely and pulls like it should, the steering is nice and direct and the suspension is absolutely tight and squeak-free. My previous 156 was not so well mechanically sorted...

Known issues:
- Cruise Control doesn't work
- Parking sensors stopped working after one month
- AC needs service
- dings, dents and scratches after 13 years of service
- ashtray remains opened due to a broken clip

Proof Pic

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That's an... unusual colour. And a wooden wheel. But it's also a V6 Alfa. :) Congrats!
That's quite a pretty blue. I approve. :D Need videos of that V6 driving by at WOT immediately! :mrgreen:
Yes, that blue. <3
Thanks! The blue color is called Blu Metallico (how creative) and according to the previous owner, just 300-400 156s altogether were made in this color. Considering that facelifted 156s with the V6 are already pretty rare, this colour combo makes this car rather unique.

Of course. This is the wife's car. :p
Actually, my wife prefers the 159 as it's easier to maneuver and park. She finds the 156 a little intimidating.

What does your kid drive? :D

Anyway. Great Alfa. Lovely colour. Special points for the wood wheel.
My older daughter rides a bike :D But when it comes to cars, she prefers the blue Alfa, because she roars nicely :lol:

Also I love the wooden wheel and knob, I'm thinking of getting some driving gloves.
Mmm Busso. I've never got to drive 156 V6, but all naturally aspirated Bussos I've been fortunate to experience have been fantastic engines.