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GT4: LV drag strip 2 cars?


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Jan 5, 2005
Is it possible to drive 2 cars on the las vegas drag strip? I haven't found how to do this, but I saw a picture of this and got really curious.
First I thought it was multiplayer, but it seems not so. Maybe the second car is photoshopped?


Greetz Johan
My bet is it's photoshopped.
K, I googled a bit, and I came to the conclusion that you CAN NOT dragrace against an opponent. It's quite confusing, but I think it's not possible. There are numerous pics (even vids I believe) with 2 cars racing on the lv drag strip. So if anyone knows for sure it can or can't be done, please post (how).

Greetz Johan
whats the point of a game with loads of cars that u can tune.. but u can't race against others? :x