GT4 Stats

Nice :thumbsup: I'll be starting on GT3 tomorrow and hopefully someday GT4 :).

I still have to finish GT2. At least my Camaro handles very well in GT2 unlike in real life...:lol:

Good job ESPNSTI.
80 gold, 100% wiin ratio, and 0 B spec points?

No wonder that you have been less active on the forum recently :lol: .
How the heck could you keep a 100% win ratio?!? My ratio is quite high, but more than a few times I've accidentaly entered a race with a car that is too slow to keep up with the competition.

I was trying to play through the whole game with 0 B-spec points as well, but my brother started playing it and did a bunch of races in B-Spec. :(
jneil said:
Wow! you have found a few cheat codes..too hard huh!

Nobody wins 245/245 races.
Finally someone said that!
You cant get gold in all the licence tests either.
I'v been playing since GT1 and I havnt come close to that.
Though possible, the 245/245 is a bit hard to do seeing as you WOULD have entered a race where your car is a bit slow for the competition.
Im guessing its a Gameshark code (if they do codes for PS2)

As for my specs after one week of owning it:
19% completed
3950 A-Spec points
4928- Drivers overall skill
Woah, Espensti will be pissed when he reads you think he is cheating...

He is really into Driving Games... Have you seen him driving in Live for Speed? I also recall him mention something about being in some Top 5 in a Richard Burns Rally league... He is just good at it, I guess...

I'm at something like 15%, but my win ratio is really bad because I had the wrong car at first and didn't use the preview function at all... Somehow noticing that I would get 250 Asec points for a win... Never went past third in those races...

Of course I haven't actually won 100% of the races.
I just want to see if it'll do something extra if you get 100% win ratio and the game is 100% complete.
I simply reset the PS2 when / if I lose.

The more important reason why I do that is because I try to keep the game interesting by picking a car that is comparable to the opposition, in other words, I try to get the most A-Spec points that I can reasonably win.
However, figuring out what car is comparable sometimes takes a few tries per race, so sometimes I get a car that'll give me 1 A-Spec point, and sometimes, I get one that gets 200, neither one is what I want obviously (although I have won some 200 point races).
So in that trial and error process, I reset the PS2 a few times, otherwise my win ratio would probably in the order of 10% or so.
(I wish GT4 would show which car equates to how many A-Spec points and let you pick which one you want to drive just before a race.)

To give you a better idea of my win ratio, in GT3 (where I didn't do this), I had 90-some percent win ratio, but there I was mostly driving with the best car possible.
Thanks for clearing that up. Let us know if anything happens at 100% :)

Wasn't tring to put you down, but I found it VERY hard to believe that a normal racer wouldn't have been way out classed is some races and thus not come first, the first time.

Happy racing!
Well after hearing accounts from Buba & co I must apologise for doughting you.
You sound hardcore enough for me to believe that those stats are true however im still mind-boggeled as to how you got gold in the licence tests..thats something!
Either way, keep us posted on ur stats!

Since you are a pro at this game, mind me asking what car you used to complete the GT World Championship in the Professional Hall? Its driving me nuts!

Sorry I doughted you :(
Cheers :cheers:
Don't sweat it, I wasn't bothered by any of the comments. ;)

BTW, it's "doubted", not "doughted".

As for the GT World Championship, I'm not sure (it was a while ago), but it looks like I didn't get a lot of A-spec points for those races, so I think I must have used either a Nissan R89C or a somewhat tuned CLK-GTR.
BTW, it's "doubted", not "doughted".
:oops: Your rite!
As for the GT World Championship, I'm not sure (it was a while ago), but it looks like I didn't get a lot of A-spec points for those races, so I think I must have used either a Nissan R89C or a somewhat tuned CLK-GTR.
Im using a CLK-GTR with stage 4 turbine kit + NOS and im struggling like hell with tire wear. Im getting like 10-20pts for winning (which im not :( )
Oh well, im gonna have to think up a tire stategy now..
I don't remember what tire choice I made, I probably used R1 or R2, maybe R3, but I've never even used anything softer than that.
100% win ratio!!! wowwww :shock:
I'm only 29.4% so far. It's a great game but I can't play often only when i'm in the mood to race.
I'm at 24.5% now, but somehow, the magic is gone already...

Everytime in the higher classes I only win because of my superior car... Or loose, because it says 200 points...The physics are weird as well... Without the ESP the cool cars are sooo hard to drive on the limit and with it they understeeeeeeeer....

Im on 25.1%..just unlocked endurance races and i am now
Im driving a CLK GTR with suspension not suited to the track.
It just shoots in all sorts of directions when I hit one of the million bumps on this
Oh well, I'll race for a few more hours and then B-Spec it over night.
I'll wake up and just hope nothing has gone wrong :lol: :unsure: