GT5 player ID list

Murphco,murphco.thanks to all who have added me im hoping to get the time for more online racing soon.
WellsieTRD - mighty_mira
Ethan - RSMEthan

Just starting the game...

Up4EG in game and out of it :p
Hmm. Thought I had posted here before.

It's bPChaos. I think.
Added everyone and I'm subscribed to the thread so don't worry, it'll get updated with every reply.
tezgm99 is mine....I haven't really gotten into the racing online people yet. I did enter a series over on GTP but, ever since the update, the online racing has been very hit and miss. The race yesterday that was supposed to happen at Daytona (oval) went ahead (450hp, 1420kg) and the practice times ranged from mid 50's to mid 51's. Well, I lost the draft by the back stretch of lap 1, another guy was stuck doing a top speed of 130mph (while others were hitting 220 without drafting (180 is about the limit)! Basically, it was one big cock-up and the series creator is unsure about whether to continue or not :/
I think I can't edit the post because it's over a year old. Interesting that I edited it last on the thread's first birthday.
ok update my gammer tag to N-FFF one extra f
Bobele23 - Bobele23