GTA DLC thread

DO WANT! I'm sure it'll be a bazillion dollars though. Ugh.
So apparently I can't do the flight school. More specifically, the low flying test through the river. Either the new plane is twitchy as shit or my reactions have become completely is fun though.

The Stingray-a-like is a stunner, but like every DLC car, I can't afford it. Even the hipster cars were too much for my meager earnings.
Bought the Stingray with my left over money that I physically bought to get the monster truck (fuck grinding). It's fun as hell.

So apparently I can't do the flight school. More specifically, the low flying test through the river. Either the new plane is twitchy as shit or my reactions have become completely is fun though.

Drop your landing gear so you're more maneuverable and then use the bumpers/triggers to yaw. Don't use any throttle as it's harder when going faster.
Yeah, I'm really loving the new car. A bit tail happy, but that's a lot of fun. I'm still kinda torn on color though.

I tried out the flight school this morning and was doing really good, I thought. I got a couple golds and silvers, but then I got to that low alt ground flying mission. I only tried it twice, without using the landing gear trick, but that new jet just sucks imo. It's twitchy as hell and there is no finesse to the controls, they're like on-off switches or something. I could see it being fun for dog fights, but it's a shame it has no weapons.
Try doing the Collect Flags mission. Even more ugh twitching into a building.

On another note, the Swift is amazing. Some kind soul in free roam landed near me in Sandy Shores and texted me to fly it. I took it down to Los Santos, around buildings, under bridges, between trees, and back. Great handling, great style, and man is it fast. Soon as we landed I bought one and he flew off to tempt someone else.
The Last Team Standing Update for GTA Online Now Available


You?ve only got one life, use it wisely. The Last Team Standing Update introduces powerful weaponry, tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and all-new Creator features to celebrate Grand Theft Auto Online?s most high stakes mode. Today's update features 10 new Last Team Standing Jobs spread out across Los Santos and Blaine County plus additional gameplay changes to allow for a greater range of game types and enhanced matchmaking.


Take enemies down with brutal force when you equip the new Heavy Shotgun.

Visit Ammu-nation to expand your arsenal with a pair of potent new firearms: the Heavy Shotgun delivers serious stopping power in close quarters, and the Marksman Rifle can drop targets from long range with lethal accuracy. Plus, suit up your team with new Outfits, along with new Masks, Tops, Pants, Bulletproof Helmets and more.

Rule the road with two new Motorcycles ? the Shitzu Hakuchou sport bike and the LCC Innovation chopper. Or, for those with more sophisticated tastes, show off your elite style in the fiery Lampadati Furore GT.


The Hakuchou and Innovation lead the Furore GT here on the Great Ocean Highway.

This update also presents the launch of the Last Team Standing Creator Mode. You can now design original GTA Online Jobs in this strategic and deadly mode that pits teams against one another with no second chances. This Creator update features a new option for building even more dynamic matches across other modes ? with the ability to add Rounds to Captures and Last Team Standing Jobs. Or raise the stakes by adding rounds to Rockstar Created LTS, Captures and Versus Missions. And be sure to take advantage of the new Forced Weapon setting, allowing you to limit weapons for specific options like ?Snipers-Only?.


All new tactical gear including bullet proof helmets are now available in shops.

Also part of today?s automatic update, we?ve now globally synchronized the Job voting screens, allowing us to merge sessions where players have voted on the same Job. This, combined with the on-call matchmaking introduced in a previous update allows players to find the Jobs they like more easily, and to stay with as many like-minded players as possible. There are lots of additional changes and tweaks to GTA Online, all listed out in detail at the Rockstar Support site. These include the ability to now go on-call for activities like Arm-Wrestling, Darts or Golf or to quick match with your friends for those activities using the option in your phone, as well as an increase in the maximum bet limit from GTA$2,500 to GTA$10,000..

To download today's update, just switch on your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and start GTAV. From there, you'll be prompted to download the automatic update (1.17).

Look for the details of our Last Team Standing Update Event Weekend to hit the Newswire later today, and stay tuned for more info on future updates to GTA Online. Hit the jump below for more details and links to today's 10 new Last Team Standing Jobs.
[Top Story] The GTA Online Festive Surprise


It?s that most wonderful time of the year in Los Santos.

Jump into Grand Theft Auto Online this holiday season for a Festive Surprise.


Heat up your season?s greetings with brand new items stocked at Ammu-Nation: a new Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines are here just in time to make spirits bright. These items will be permanently available to acquire and keep.


Those dreaming of a white Christmas are in luck as the forecast calls for the extremely rare phenomenon of San Andreas snowfall to hit on a few special days this holiday season. Be on the lookout and ready to round up your Crew for a friendly snowball fight, but be forewarned, those icy little suckers can pack a wallop.


Add some merriment to your mayhem with a slew of holiday pajamas, ?ugly? Christmas sweaters, new scarves, hats, masks and more are now all available absolutely free to add to your inventory and wear now through Monday January 5th.

Treat yourself to some new toys this holiday season and fill your garage (now that you can own a third property and garage, also part of today?s Title Update) with four all-new vehicles to purchase ? including a tricked out Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the sturdy Slam Van, and the fast and flashy Massacro and Jester sports cars with all new Race liveries. These vehicles will be permanently available to acquire and keep.


Keep your eyes on the sky as Holiday Special Crate Drops will be dropping frequently now through January 5th, stuffed with goodies to collect for your inventory ? including a few of the rare vintage GTA tees that you may have missed in some of our Social Club Event Weekends over the past year as well as some brand new ones never before available.


On Christmas Day, December 25th, as you?re relaxing in your Los Santos apartment beside your Christmas tree, make sure to check your inventory for a few extra gifts.

Ring in the New Year with a bang ? the Firework Launcher and Firework rocket ammo are coming back and will be available to acquire and use from Christmas Eve until Monday, January 5th. You can score one for free on four special days: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year?s Eve or New Year?s Day.

Take your merriest Christmas Crew family photo or capture the insanity of the New Year?s party you?re hosting in your Los Santos condo ? or any other amazing, amusing or beauteous #FestiveSurprise action. In January, we?ll pick our five favorite shots and award the photographers with a GTA$1M prize. Tag your entries with #FestiveSurprise now through January 5th to be eligible. Official rules.

Tune in tomorrow December 19th at 4pm ET at for the Official GTA Online Holiday Party Livestream with special invited guests from the community. In our last livestream for 2014, we?ll be donning our Gingerbread Man Masks and unwrapping and playing with all the fast and fatal new Festive Surprise toys, from the Homing Missiles and Proximity Mines to the Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader and more. Make sure you?re in that Twitch chat as we?ll be inviting friendly members of chat to join us live in the lobbies on both PlayStation 4 (4-5pm) and Xbox One (5-6pm) portions of the broadcast.

Do stay tuned throughout the holiday weeks for some announcements of opportunities to score bonus GTA$ as well.

Today?s new Title Update (1.19 for PS3/Xbox 360, 1.05 for PS4/Xbox One) also includes the ability to own a third property as mentioned above along with other new features, fixes and improvements to the game for all systems.

Happy holidays and enjoy the Festive Surprise ? available across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
Why can't they just make the holidaywear permanent? I've been wondering about that since the last Christmas update. Surely some limited-time clothing isn't enough incentive for people to log in and buy Shark Cards...
Fuck the clothes, give me permanent snow. Does it affect the physics? (i.e. slick roads)
Fuck the clothes, give me permanent snow. Does it affect the physics? (i.e. slick roads)

Does GTA V even have rotating weather? Granted I don't play a lot, but from what I remember its either nice and sunny or a clear night.

Also I wonder if snow will be available in single player? Not that it matters since I'll be traveling for the holidays and won't be playing.
Does GTA V even have rotating weather? Granted I don't play a lot, but from what I remember its either nice and sunny or a clear night.

Yes, it rains which makes the roads slippery.

Snow makes it even more slippery.
The homing rocket isn't great, but I love the proximity mines. I leave them outside shop doorways. :mrgreen:
GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available


You've done the crime - and reaped stacks upon stacks of dirty cash much to the chagrin of San Andreas' reeling financial institutions. So, what to do with your newfound wealth? Sensible low-risk investments and a quiet retirement? Live out the rest of your years comfortably but inconspicuously with an understated and respectable lifestyle?

...We didn't think so. To the victor go the spoils - and for those whose Online Heists profits are burning a raging hole in their pockets, get ready to properly ball out and become the envy of all your Snapmatic followers by flaunting your hard-earned gull-wing doored supercars, ostentatious designer vehicle wraps, solid gold aircraft and so much more.


The Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part One for Grand Theft Auto Online is available today across all five platforms. In addition to four new high-end automobiles (the Pegassi Osiris, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Stirling GT and Enus Windsor), you can also rule the skies in a pair of new extravagant, Deluxe aircraft.

And not only have the racks at swank Rockford Hills clothiers been updated with new designer outfits, necklaces, earrings and watches - the rack at your local Ammu-Nation's got a new Personal Defense Weapon, the Combat PDW.

The newest generation of Los Santos residents can also adorn select weaponry and attachments with Luxury Engravings, while luxury aircraft will afford new generation residents the opportunity to drink champagne and smoke cigars while flying high in the Los Santos skies.

Also part of today?s automatic update, we?ve added the First Person Vehicle Hood Cam that's already on PC to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, along with a host of other new features and updates including redesigned, easier-to-use vehicle websites; a new ?Friends In Session? option within the On Call phone menu to auto-invite all your friends to a job you are on call for, and a lot more. For the complete list, check out the official notes at the Rockstar Support site. We've also added the latest GTA Online illustration featured in this past Friday's announcement and our official event weekend flyer to the collection of GTAV digital artwork in a range of desktop wallpapers, smartphone and tablet backgrounds, avatars and more.

To get the update, just start up GTAV from your online-connected console and follow the update prompts on screen.
It turned my measurements to metric.

Yeah, did that for me too. It's a new setting in the Display section.

Can we talk about the cost of the things? I know heists are a thing, but pricing everything on the assumption that everyone completed the Criminal Masterminds challenge is a bit silly.
I think I didn't get the update somehow, I don't have the new features and can't connect to anyone online. But it does let me start my own session and play..... trying to figure out how to get Steam to force an update check.
The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part 2 Is Now Available


A love of the finer things is one of the few ways a career criminal can celebrate success ? something the high-end retailers of Rockford Hills and beyond know all too well. With an outbreak of Heists hitting the city recently, merchants have rushed to stock their shelves and showrooms with exotic collectables to accommodate Los Santos? new class of heavily armed and upwardly mobile professionals.

Part 2 of The Ill-Gotten Gains Update for GTA Online delivers desirable new vehicles, unforgiving new weapons and clothes to make you stand out in a crowd. For the unconventional, the Coil Brawler is a luxury sports-styled off-roader with raised suspension and a 400 horsepower engine that will muscle its way over any terrain. If top speed is what matters most, the Progen T20 is among the fastest cars to ever arrive in Los Santos, and the Vapid Chino brings some old school sedan brawn to your vehicle collection, while the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle adds agility and speed, featuring a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that stores energy from braking and delivers a burst of speed on activation.


For a level of refinement that only dirty money can buy, the Lampadati Toro screams sophistication ? a speedboat crafted with the finest timber from protected rainforests, six-inch lacquer finishing and twin v12 engines. Meanwhile, a range of exotic weaponry hits Ammu-Nation with the wood-finished Marksman Pistol, a single-shot weapon with more stopping power than a pump action shotgun or the slightly more personal, solid gold Knuckle Dusters.

For those who prefer to wear their status as conspicuous consumers, the iFruit Snap Watch adds a hint of tech savvy to your wrist, or opt for a more classically opulent timepiece with the Medici Radial or Covgari Universe ? all available at retailers across Los Santos alongside a massive selection of new apparel and jewelry for men and women.


In other news, The Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2 brings the release of the new radio station, The Lab on all four console versions of GTAV. Hosted by Dr. No and the Chemical Bro., The Lab features new tracks created by The Alchemist and Oh No and inspired by their work on the original score for GTAV, with guest appearances from Killer Mike, Little Dragon, Earl Sweatshirt, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs and more.

To help get you into one of their new vehicles, the esteemed salesmen at Legendary Motorsport are offering a one-time 25% REBATE on your next qualifying purchase this week (July 8th ? 15th). All you need to do to qualify for this special limited-time offer is have your email address registered and verified with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be a member of the Rockstar Games Mailing List and join a Crew. The cash from the Legendary Motorsport rebate will be deposited in your in-game Maze Bank account by Sunday, July 19th. To fulfill these requirements, login to your Social Club profile. If your profile already meet these three requirements, just visit Legendary Motorsport in-game and purchase your new ride.



And as always, this new Title Update (1.28) additionally includes many other new enhancements, improvements and fixes for known issues. Amongst these items by popular demand will be the ability for creators to make custom Jobs at the Los Santos International Airport and the Fort Zancudo Military Base for the first time. We can?t wait to see what the Creator community cooks up in those previously off-limits areas. We?ve received lots of other fantastic feedback to the official GTA Online feedback inbox from the Creator community about features they?d like to see. One such update that we are currently working on for a next update is a new feature to enable creators to properly stack props, adding proper support for that highly-requested feature powering super fun mega-ramps, loops and parkour courses ? please stay tuned for more information on that. Thanks again to the entire Creator community for their amazing, innovative work and very detailed feedback ? we encourage all players to please continue sending your wishlists and suggestions to as it is of invaluable help in informing positive fixes, tweaks and other updates to the game.

Head to Rockstar Downloads for digital versions of the new ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Part 2 artwork seen above now available as desktops, Twitter and Facebook headers, avatars and more. And stay tuned for information about this weekend?s official ILL-GOTTEN GAINS PART 2 Social Club Event Weekend with special bonuses to be announced very soon.