GTR N?rburgring Trophy (a bit boring stuff)


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Nov 25, 2008
2015 Volkswagen Passat
Hi everyone,

I'm a gt player for a long time. When the first gt came out I was very young but played all of the gt series. Actually I think I have serious problem with sustainability and accuracy. My lap times mostly didn't match. Indeed they match if I could complete the lap. I made little mistakes like early breaking, or slightly sliding off track etc. After likely half an hour later, my mistake frequency get tighter and ends with demolished concentration. I hate my self when it happens :)
My The official time record trophy was unachieved and that pushes me to do it. I was trying it time to time. About a year ago I did the lap 1 in chart. Several months didn't try trophy. 2 days ago I did the lap time 2. I was glad but not satisfied so today I go for another one and did the lap 3.

here is the problem I told. I can't do same on each sector. Infact some of them really close but there are huge gaps in some sectors. Can you guys match your own lap?

There is a section on chart shows the theoretical lap time. I made it up with combining the best sector times of 3 lap times. It seems I could do 7:25.275 but I know I can't do that another 1 year :)


As you see some sector times lap 2 and 3 is close and some have huge difference. I just wonder does it same for you?

And what are your lap times with this trophy? Mine is done with controller, no gear suggestion and all the settings turned off excluding the abs (set to 1). Grip reduction on wet/track edges set to real.

I don't know how to record screen. I can record with camcorder but it is too noobish isn't it :) here is save data which I believe no one cares :) I wouldn't :)
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I can't find any solution so I recoded from monitor. At 6:30 my camera fall dawn so I merged the last section from my previous recording.

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I don't see big differences there. All less than half a second, which is not that much considering that a sector on Nordschleife is the same as about half a lap on a grand prix circuit. You can reduce that with practice and consistency, but on the N?rburgring you are unlikely to score many perfect laps. The key to a lap time is being consistently fast and not losing your nerve when the mistakes happen.

One big tip I will give, though, is this: Pay attention to the part of the track between carousell and the long straight. I was three seconds faster on that part (splits 6 to 10). Because one generally keeps restarting laps you generally are much less familiar with the second half of the circuit than the first half, and also if you have nailed the first half one tends to take it safely on this part. It's also easy to lose concentration by this point because you have already been hauling ass for four minutes. However, it's a part of the circuit that includes many corners that you can take at much higher speeds than you'd think, and extra commitment can give you massive gains.

For comparison I did a stint of 10 laps, the best time being 7:25.248(Controller, all aids including ABS off, no gear indicator). I was three seconds faster on that part (splits 6 to 10) alone, although the rest of the lap was pretty rubbish (including going wide at Bergwerk before the long flat-out bit that cost me at least 1.5 seconds).
Turn off ABS.

Running ABS - 1 is realistic, but it is not fast. GT5 want's initial rotation like a go-kart on a constant zero steer slip angle the entire way from entry to track out. It will feel kinda like drifting but it's fast as fuck.

Also, don't play with "theoretical" lap times. Stringing together separate sectors is never going to work out for you. It's just stringing you along down a path of frustration and confusion. A theoretical lap time can be significantly faster than what is physically possible. The amount of momentum in the car from the theoretical end of sector 1 to the beginning of theoretical sector 2 is totally different because they are two different laps. Imagine this scenario:

A sector split separates an initial brake application point from a high speed straight and a turn in point for a tight corner. In order to make the corner we must brake before the sector split. We can get a better first sector time by blowing the braking zone and staying WOT. We won't make the corner, but our first sector time will purple. If we want to purple the second sector, a good start would be to approach the braking zone very conservatively. Braking way early sets us up very precisely for the corner at the ideal speed, and we go on to complete a purple sector 2 for this reason (never mind that our sector 1 was terrible because we lifted a lot on the straight).

String together your purple sector 1 (where we blew the corner) and the purple sector 2 (where we blew sector 1's final straight to take it easy on the brakes) and we have a physically impossible combined 2-sector time. We cannot both idealize the corner following the split and hold WOT all the way to the split.

This is an extreme example but I hope it illustrates the problem. Racing is all give and take and when you have a line that separates the take and the give, you can treat the data such that it only gives, and never takes. That's what a theoretical best lap is. With a purple sector, you don't see what preparation went in to starting that sector. It is often a less-good previous sector/corner/whatever.

Thanks for your advices I'll try that way. As you say, I am a bit slowing down second half of track avoiding to do mistakes.

Turn off ABS.

Turning ABS, I haven't think about that before. I'm going to do that way next time.

about "theoretical" lap time, this is something I made up. You are right about that. I understand what you are telling. In that chart 3 of my lap goes fine and I didn't skid of the track but differences in speed of end and begging of sectors cause slightly gaps. It is pointless to combine them and try to match.

thanks guys for your comments.