Guess that car game

At first "Jensen" came to my mind.. don't ask why I don't even know what their car look like.. prolly my memory going crazy :lol:

after I thought maserati but it doesn't look like I'm right after some search on the net.
Jensen (Interceptor... 1st 4WD road car, ABS)... Nope

Maserati ... Nope.
Alfa Romeo Montreal
u seem to be on the offensive, man its hard to keep up. like a post blitz or something :shock: .
M5Rangerover said:
Alfa Romeo Montreal

You got it...


I've always been a fan of this car, it had a little 3.0 V8, and the lights are sooooo cool.

M5Rangerover it's your go...
this CLASSIC car comes from the era of the Beatles (no its not a VW)
the post whore is down for the count, FINALLY :lol: .

im off to bed too.
Me too (5:57 in the fucking morning :evil: )

Bloody addictive Forums :evil: :evil: :evil:

Saturdays are cool, I can sleep in... /insert sleeeeeepy smiley here/
nope, nope, and nope

getting closer with the t-bird though :wink:
That was a wild guess but I was wondering it if was australian or american.. now I know it's american...