Guess that car game

cadillac is close, but not quite. and its definately not a mini
nope and nope

hint: only a STUD would drive this car :wink:
I have no idea, but next car can we have a modern car? It sucks being younger than 50 for these competitions, all these old farts keep winning :p
yeah that's why I posted a modern car.. my knowledge of old cars is very limited
i know about cars from 1990-present.

i know a little on cars from 1980-1990, anything older is almost unknown with exceptions to cars like, 65' 288 GTO, 65 Mustang GT500 etc.
Likwid said:
Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk?


good job

now its your turn

btw i was planning on using a new car, but i just happened to have a pic of this one.
ok... were back in the time of the

NO... Its not Asian. Its an American with the devil's heart.