Guess that car game

Maybe someone can take over Lonegunman's turn - according to his profile he doesn't post very regularly, so maybe he didn't even notice that it is his turn.
I think these file names are meant to distract rather than give hints :p

There's a shoulder line there....Volvo S40/60/80?
It looks like a relatively cheap car, the likes of a Fiat Marea or something.
But is it in the price range of a Fiat Marea?

Dacia Logan.

edit - badged as a Renault in some countries.
I'm quite sure that it's not a dacia logan , the dacia use parts from the previous Renault range.
This rear radio antenna bothers me , few european cars have got those.
Something from saab or coming from japan perhaps ?
I don't know the exact prices for this one but consider the Marea to be similar to it.

Not a Dacia Logan.

Not a Saab.

Not Japanese.
is it sold to the european market?
Is it from the Pacific ring or is it from south america? Doesn't look american to me.

EDIT: Teeb posted while i was writing. I think it really is the Siena. Hence my question about south america and that's why it reminded me of the Marea.