Guess that car game

Got a beauty of a car for you this time...
It is hard so I may drop clues everynow and again.
(And there is one in this post)
peter3hg2 said:
mautzel said:
peter3hg2 said:
triumph said:
is it German?
Ja, die auto ist vonn Deutschland.

:) Better: Das Auto ist aus Deutschland, but who the f***cares in the end?

I was thinking that it might be a 300SL Convertible, but only could find pictures showing it with two mirrors :(

And I'm sorry I got the wrong genre etc. Mautzel. That's why I only got a B in my GCSE's

Don't ask for my marks in English back in the days I went to school :blush:

Isn't it my turn to post a new car as well? (I had to ask that because otherwise I'd have to admit that I've got no clue what the current car is :) )
hum its a coupe?
British or German?
Yeah, it is mautzel's turn.
Sorry. I never read the start and realised the winner goes. Yeah it's Mautzels turn.
hmm.. in that case I say Lister Storm
Scoops look right but F40 doesn't seem to have the right curves and the bonnet/hood doesn't seem to open in the same place as the pic.
This is hard. Theres been loads of Cars with NACA Ducts on the bonnet. Theres been the F40, Enzo, 360 GT, 348 Zagato. Lambo have had the Countach, Espada, Diablo GT with NACA ducts aswell as countless others from other makes. Any chance of more clues.
Does this car have one NACA Duct or two?