Guess that car game

something from russia probably a car?
triumph said:
something from russia probably a car?
It is not from Russia. It is a car, not a truck or SUV or anythin.
peter3hg2 said:
teeb said:
peter3hg2 said:
Got a beauty of a car for you to guess...
It is hard so I may drop clues every now and again.
(And there is one in this post)

I've been taking the first letters from your words, or the first words of each sentence, in the hopes of finding a's not Da Vinci Code tricksy is it, the clue?

Or [alternate theories] : Is it a 4 door saloon? Is it renowned for being beautiful? Is it from the 70s / 80s?
Its not four door, its not from the 70's and 80's and it most definantly is not beautiful (that was sarcastic in my first post) it also isn't japanese. It is from the mid nighties however and it is roughly the size of a golf.
Not Japanese, European, Russian or American. Is it Korean/Chinese/Indian, or is it even more obscure than that?

Screw it, I'll just venture a guess: it's a Hyundai Sonata. But that'd be too easy...
samsung motor??
mautzel said:
Taking the hint as a real hint: is it a Daewoo Nexia?
Yep you got it. Incase anyone doesn't understand the clue this model Nexia is basically a rebadged Mk2 Astra.
Oldsmobile Toronado maybe?
A montegos not american (assumiong you mean the austin)
peter3hg2 said:
A montegos not american (assumiong you mean the austin)

There was a Mercury Montego back in the day (and a new one too)

Mercury Cougar (the older 60s version)?