Gumball 2007 - Accident in Macedonia


Jan 8, 2005
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I posted about this in another thread, but I think it deserves a separate thread. Also, I posted about this on the Forums and the post was deleted. Apparently, for legal reasons.

Essentially, bullshit, because the news I was relaying is from a Macedonian TV station, and already available online, albeit in Macedonian.

Anyway, in a nutshell:

Matthew McConville & Nick Morley have been arrested and are due to show up in front of a judge any minute now. They were involved in a serious car crash which resulted in the death of one person.

The crash happened when the TechArt 997 they were driving came out on the opposite side of the road they were on and crashed head on with an incoming Golf. The crash threw both vehicles in a nearby field.

The crash happened very close to a petrol station, and therefore there were a number of witnesses.

Matthew and Nick tried to escape in a BMW (not specified which), however they were arrested at the Macedonian - Albanian border.

The Golf had two passengers in it - a husband and wife. They were both seriously injured, and the husband - age 67 - succumbed to his injuries and died in the hospital. The wife is still in critical condition.

Personal note: Accidents do happen, and I'm aware of that. I'll refrain from commenting who is responsible for the crash. I am however extremely disappointed that they tried to run. I'm also disappointed by the Gumball3000 Forum moderators for trying to cover it up - a thread about the accident was locked, and mine was deleted.

EDIT: I was contacted by a Moderator from Forums and my post was returned. I'll keep everyone updated.
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it was only a matter of time until sth like this happened in one of those rally's
Is there a map of route? I'd be kicking myself really badly if they went through slovenia and i missed it....

Nick Morley has been locked up - the judge gave him 30 days preliminary.

The police confirmed that the drivers of the Porsche tried to run, and that they were arrested at the border.


It's pathetic that they tried to run.

My post at the Forums was taken down again, and now the forums have been taken down completely.
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Only couple of days someone here said it was only a matter of time until there would a a fatal crash on the Gumball, and well, it was obviously going to happen sometime..

Those guys deserve to burn in hell for running from the fatal accident.
I said it before and I'm going to say it again. Those races aren't cool. Risking the lives of others for your own speedkick is the definition of an inconsiderable jackass and not something you admire or want to take part in. Please get your speedkick on an open track not on public roads.

I find it sad that so many, even here think of what those people are doing as cool and support what they're doing by buyng the merchandise or DVD's. It's not, and this is the result of it.
Risking the lives of others for your own speedkick is the definition of an inconsiderable jackass and not something you admire or want to take part in. Please get your speedkick on an open track not on public roads.

I'm SOOOOO with you on this one!!
I like the idea of good old fashioned rally, but gumball is a joke. Never liked it because of the people who drive in it. And well, this thread sums up perfectly why.
These guys are real idiots, they even tried to run after the accident. Sure the UK might not have extradited them, but many other countries would have. So they could have only stayed in the UK for the next 10-30years. This was just a stupid attempt to escape from justice. I am glad they have been captured and will be facing the consequences of their doing.
I am fine with doing high speeds on motorways, but on b-roads it is really dangerous, especially when you are an idiot and don't know what you are doing. Has Macedonia got the death penalty?
It was mere luck that nothing like this happened till now. There have been countless serious accidents in the Gumball, but every time it has been blind luck that noone was seriously injured.

This is the peak of the iceberg now, was bound to happen sooner or later. It's also really pathetic and disgusting that they tried to run away. You have to face to consequences of your stupidity. Risking your own life, fine, but for fuck's sake don't do this on open roads with traffic and hundreds of innocent people.

My condolences to the family of the couple in the Golf.

I hope this will finally put some bad press on the Gumball, and hopefully bring it to a hold. In the past years it has been nothing but a ticking bomb.
It certainly was inevitable. And as for who is responsible, I think that is obvious.

But the fact they tried to RUN... That is just completely uncalled for. A lot of the Gumballers already have a reputation of being spoiled rich sods who just get everything they want and can get out of anything they want. This just further confirms that stereotype for some.
Accidents happen, but driving on the correct side of the goddamn road can certainly help to prevent them.


Hey, ZeroSignal, you got a mention over at Jalopnik:

Yeah, they're trying to cover it up massively. It's actually interesting to watch.

And yeah, I've been in touch with a guy from Jalopnik - giving them info in English that is already available in Macedonian. I want everything to be known - not just sketchy details.
The whole Gumball was an accident waiting to happen. Well, this has been it. I hope those two pathetic jackasses stay in jail for a long time, and I really hope this is the end of the Gumball. The saddest thing is that we have had to come to this for it to happen.
i'm stuck on the fence, i never like gum-ball, but on a clean-safe-empty public road i am very pro-leadfoot, it would be nice if i could seperate myself from these people, too bad it just makes everybody who likes driving fast cars look bad in the end

at the same rate i would be interested in knowing how many combined miles have been driven in all this gumball racing, and seeing if its more fatal or less fatal then average driving, swerving around traffic and driving like your out to kill somebody is going to be dangerous, but then most people on the roads today, those doing their hair, not paying attention and general idiocy are probably just as bad, and theirs no law against that
Dam my opinion of Gumballl has just changed so rapidly, in fact I was just watching last years rally on DVD until I saw this.

Last year there were some close shaves and some people got away with a slap on the wrist for totally ludacris speeds but now Gumball has nowhere to hide. I'm glad Polizei has withdrawn from the rally and hope more teams follow there example.
The press release:
Gumball 3000 Press Statement

May 3rd, 2007

Press release from Gumball 3000 more then 24 hours after the incident. We hope more drivers follow Team Polizei?s example and withdraw from the rally as that?s the only appropriate thing to do after this tragedy?

Gumball 3000 is very saddened to announce a road accident which occurred yesterday, May 2nd, involving a participating vehicle and a local vehicle in Macedonia. Exact details are still filtering through, but below are the facts as of midday May 3rd 2007 issued by the Macedonian authorities.

An adult Macedonian male aged 67 died in hospital from a heart attack following the incident where the two cars collided. The participants in the rally were held in custody last night with a preliminary court judgement expected today.

Organisers of the rally would like to express its deepest condolences to the family of the victim for this tragic accident.

Maximillion Cooper, founder of the Rally says: ?It is with extreme sadness I have to make an announcement of this nature in the events nine year history.. The event is organised with each local authorities support and permission, and drivers are under strict stipulation by abide by the laws and road regulations of the country they are driving through. It is extremely sad for this unfortunate accident to have occurred. I am informed that the incident was reported immediately by the drivers. Both drivers are extremely traumatised by this occurrence.?