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Gumball 3000 London

speed freek

May 14, 2005
Alot of people came to see it.

Nice number plate :D

PROPER car 8)



Daryl Hannah's car

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Overheat said:
That is the best looking SLR EVEEEEEERRRRRRRRR

I have to disagree... Maybe because, I don't think the car has ever been really good looking...

AFAIK, they don't have a Koenigegg in the field... I wonder why. Nobody wants to crash his precious, or they might be a bit unreliable...

Yeah the koenigsegg was in the one from sanfrancisco to miami, 2003?

I have another pic of the slr.

Wow, I like the paint scheme on the SLR, it goes with the body lines nicely.

You know, I would never take up a profession of painting cars, especially cars like that. :eek:

Really nice cars though.
I remember watching the dvd from 2003, the guy had a team follow him around replacing things all the time in the Koenigsegg :\

AM are just sexy sexy cars
I don't alot will be written off... because this year they are all in Europe and generally road conditions are pretty good... alot of them will go to jail, but there won't be alot of accidents... btw, about the BMW "d3", does anyone know if they hit the deer in the race or going to the race?
jasonchiu said:
are there n e tuned jap cars? one year there was a R33GTR and it was pretttyyy fast

there were few impreza's and 1 evo evo i think
there was a black and pink impreza and a evo7.... not sure if there were any skylines though

EDIT: Just saw some more pics and there is a Nissan Fairlady as well... plus the have a LM002!... I wonder if it ran out of gas :lol: