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Guy builds a functional 1/3 miniature of F312(+vid with JC)


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Jan 14, 2004

This is just amazing, this guy spent 15 years and 20,000 hours to build a fully funtcional 1/3 scale replica of a Ferrari 312PB. Everything works, indicators, gearbox, gauges, even the little flat 12 engine (fuel injected)!

More detailed pics:

Video, narrated by Jeremy Clarkson BTW:
(sorry, real media!)

The attention to detail is unbelievable! :shock:

Oh. My. God. Wow, that's...simply awesome. :shock:
Yeah well, I don't believe it's ever been posted here, and I've never seen it, so shut up Ren Jr. :p
That is amazing. I think I creamed when I heard the engine...:lol:
WOW! thats just....WOW :woot:

I want one!

and a 1/3 Stig to drive it round a 1/3 test track :burnrubber:

couldn't he have bought a ferrari for the cost of building it though?

I wonder what the output of the engine is? :twisted:
All he needs to do now is wire in some RC car gear and go racing! :D :shock:

Now i would love to see a video of that.
Wooptidoop said:
Because he's a real Ferrari-fan.

I admire people who have the patience, the skill and the dedication to pull something like this off. It's simply stunning!!

The only thing I don't understadn is why he didn't build a copy of the real one sp he could drive it himself. Ok he said he wanted something in the living room but I can't imagine he wouldn't like to drive it.
I wonder what's the power output of the car. Now you need to find a dwarf to fit in that car. baby geniuses anyone?
Oh my god!

he's so skilled! 12 years, that's what I call dedication!

Atleast he'll be able to get is 20000 hours worth of time back when he sells it!
Now he has to learn his cat to shift and use the clutch the next 5 years so his cat can drive around and he can make happy homevideos.