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H. Solberg gets screwed by T?rkish Police


May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon

Henning Solberg and his co-driver Kato Menkerud were driving along the 3rd. SS of Rally Turquey, when all of a sudden a local hero in a blue Subaru hits them head to head in the inside of a corner ..

They get uninjured from the accident, but the problems weren't over yet .. the T?rk, which were going to start the rally in his Subaru which were now wrecked, didn't want to take responsibility for the accident, and the law says "if the parts don't agree on who's fault it is within two days, a court will decide"! So since this weren't an option for Henning, as he was racing the day after.

In small places in T?rquey, like the place the accident happened, the military police rules. So called "Jandarma's". They were in the mountains, they had to go to the police station, there sat 10+ "Jandarma's", and Henning was very nervous.
He asked: "how much to fix the car?"
They answered: "15.000 Euros"
He asked: "How much to buy the car"
They answered: "15.000 Euros"
So he had to sign a note which said, "I am Henning Solberg, and I am buying this Subaru"

He will get the Subaru, get it to Norway fix it and sell it again ..

He said he has never felt so fooled in his whole life ..

That photo looks a bit fake to me.
TVR_Fan said:
That photo looks a bit fake to me.

It's probably the pic he found of him... It's not from the accident, I guess.
no it's not ..

Hmmm, well if he does it up, and keeps hush hush about the accident, he'll get a bit more cash for it. Might be of benefit (if he then sends the profit to a charity!)
Why should he send it to charity?

I just dont get that.

It's his money and his car he can do what ever he wants withit.
i don't follow rally much, but isn't henning solberg the driver in the evo vs bobsleigh race in a top gear episode?
Dirtbags. I suppose typical behavior of this type of Government.