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Hacking a Pepsi machine 101


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Dec 8, 2003
Houston, Texas, The States
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From the guy who brought you the 'Hacking and elevator 101' linky comes, 'Hacking a Pepsi machine 101' :p


Gonna try it next time I got to the store ^_^
I'm guessing the key is in the diagnostics, you 'test' a certain button I suppose. :)
A few friends on mine found this out and tried it out on the Gatorade machine. It really works, you can't get any free soda though....
Well Gatorage is a Coca-Cola product right? Because I know there's a Coke machine hack too, and it's a bit different.
quite useless...

I had found a similar article already but never tried it.
Very interesting...and some other possibly useful info on there :D
ohhh.... I'll have to make a mental notice of these techniques for possible future use :)
to bad those things look completely different over here


i heard there are ways to change the price as well, so if you arrive at a machine, set the price to 0.01?, and you have your coke as good as for free