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Me looking at the auction:

"Huh? That looks like a perfectly fine Skyli--(reads title of auction)--oh." :lol:
that dude def did a lotta work on it.
gotta respect that.

but, the wheels are way to skinny, and
well, imho spending that much $$ on
the body is just silly. =\
Ok.... Ok.... I'm calmed down now. Ok, um, I'm going to go grab some gasoline, a box of matches, and some spare pants. Then... I'm going to stroll down to wherever the fuck this retard lives and I won't be back.... hopefully in 15-20 years or whatever arson gets me. :shock:
The sad thing is, for the $30k he spent on the car + whatever the Accord cost him, he could have imported a real Skyline GTR. :roll:
well, if not a GTR, at least something else which is nearly as good, for 30K ..

new one? they don't make the GTR anymore ... r34 was the last one ...

it's not like he wanted a skyline
he just wanted to tune his car

i actually think this guy should get some respect, he has never driven the car, it's only a showobject, and besides the ICE, he did a good job
I do not drive this car therefore it is always garage kept.
What's the point of having a car then ?...
And I doubt is previous sentence.
The paint is in good condition, but has a few chips.

Accord poser dude said:
...with over $30k invested.
investing: the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
source : www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn

Should I go on ?
Roman said:
I do not drive this car therefore it is always garage kept.
What's the point of having a car then ?...

what's the point of playing computer games?

it's a hobby like another, and if i had the money i'd also had a hobby like this (but would tune the engine instead of the body :evil: )

(but wouldn't hink about getting an accord as toy)
I don't think he's the brightest spark from the bonfire now is he?! :lol:

btw, a R34 GTR would be around $50k to import, as far as I'm aware.