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Half life 2, what the hell was that all about!!!! =spoilers=


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Sep 16, 2004
surrey, UK
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Just completed half-life 2, i got absolutely no answers to the questions I had. I know the story is totally unimportant to some people, but to me I want to know!!!!

Why the mass devistation?, why does everywhere looks like eastern europe?, why was the citidal thing digging, what were thoose lanky stick things running the controls and why didn't I get to shoot any of them!?!!?!

Anybody got any idea's?? or am I going to have to wait another 5 years to find out??

Apart from that, totally bad arse game, when I get more ram I think I'll play it though again.

I was going to post the same link...

But I still can answer some questions:

- am I going to have to wait another 5 years to find out??

Mmmm no, I believe that Valve is going to make HL3 using the Source engine, maybe they will improve it, but it shouldn't take that long as with HL2. BUT!, Valve being Valve, we never know. :lol:

The problem is that nobody knows if Valve's next game will be HL3, or another completely new game. If that's the case, we are pretty much screwed... 2 or 3 years making the completely new game using the Source engine, and that's it, the Source engine will be too old to compete with the new ones, like Unreal 3 Engine. So!, Valve will have to develop a new engine, Source 2 or something like that, and then develop HL3, making us wait another 5 years :x
Guys I never played HL, or HL2 kinda intrested but i would like to see some in game footage, do you know where I can download good quality ones?