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Hammond interviewed in this months Classic American


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Dec 9, 2004
Leeds, UK
Classic American magazine (UK publication about US car scene in the UK) has a 4 page spread interviewing Hammond about his 69 Dodge Charger.
hehehe I'm wondering what he has to say about it. I was a dumb ass and I sold my kidney for fuel
He probably praised the car, he had waited enough time to raise the money to buy the car. he loves the car and probably does not care about the fuel consumption.
i think it's kinda bullshit he had to raise money for it. he's more than enough money.
No where's those this thread is useless without pics smilie??? Or make that scan...

Yep. TTIWWP. And what's with every other thread saying they would be complaining and whining about fuel? They knew where they were going, and I'm not a bit concerned with the money they spend on fuel. Do you think that someone who buys a ?120k GT or imports a muscle car is thinking about fuel? They have more cars to drive (or bikes to ride, in Hammond's case), if that was the problem...
Hey Bihus.

What Audi is that in your sig.

I just love the steering wheel.
*continues drolling

I like that car :D