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Hammond's Charger.....

Probably he got more expenses than planned.
And those guys aren't the kind of guys that will have a car for too long, either.
Dear 6313amanda,

Bored with the thing already? Or just tired of climbing out the window in your tiny garage? Your American fan base wants to know! Regards, Anton

Sent to Hammond's Ebay mail. Hopefully we'll get an answer soon... :mrgreen:
Some 0-rating idiot has bid it up to 17000 pounds (as of right now).

I wonder how much Richard paid for it last year.

Pity, I was hoping they would make good on the "lowest milage" contest jokingly proposed in the last series. That would've been fun.
Just got this of the description, that can't have been cheap.

Since being imported by Richard just last year, it has had a new steering box; starter motor; Koni dampers all round; Wilwood front brake calipers and matching discs; competition cam and lifter set; a matched Edelbrock manifold and carb package; Mallory electronic ignition; K & N filter; Mopar performance rear leaf springs; and a new CentreForce dual friction clutch kit.
The carb has been stripped and fitted with new jets and springs and the cylinder heads have been removed and rebuilt. Wheels were custom made 17x 8in front, 18 x 9in at the rear, costing nearly ?5000. Tyres are Z-rated Toyo proxes.
haha looks like richard backed it into the side of his garage. haha

I love the bonnet issue too... haha...

Man whats with richard and selling cars... (thinks back to his 924)
this car is butt ugly man.. he was better off with a mustang fastback, much much better looking and smaller.
"The Charger is a 1969 base model, converted to R/T spec in the 1990s in the US."

Maybe he's selling it because it's not a real R/T? When he first reviewed it he said the R/T is "the one you want".
I don't think he's the type to care about whether it's a real R/T or not. He said he's selling it cause it's too expensive to run. And I can imagine it would be an expensive SOB since all the parts would have to come from America and gas is something like $8.00 a gallon.
From the add:

"Apart from the small dent and the bonnet issue, this Charger is a great example in good, solid condition. It's also VERY LOUD" :lol:

Hes replacing it with a morgan? He has more taste than I gave him credit for
The Morgan would be one of the very few valid excuses for ditching a Charger :)
^ yes
It think it was the fuel consumption. he joked when Jeremy had his GT and he's living it in flesh

Pity. Although the Morgan is a good car (if he bought the GTA version)