Hangover cures...

the one and only remedy

Water or other fluids before going to bed is the best solution. A hangover is basically a mild dehydration state, so fluids make sense. Also as others have said, greasy food does work. Of course, if you're really shit-faced, then you'll just pass out on the bathroom floor, and wake up the next day with a massive headache....
Meh. Anytime I hear someone bring up the word "toxin" when talking about health, I automatically think "bullshit". "Toxins" is a word used by hippy dippy all natural organic asshole douchebags who just want your money.
heh. dont know if its really toxins..but its DOES work. a magazine also confirmed it...it was GQ or Mens Fitness and they had a "Hangover Cure" article.
OK, so it's 4AM here, I just got home, and I've had several beers and a few cape codders. Now, I don't feel like cooking up any bacon (or other greasy food), nor do I have any gatorade in the house. However I did make myself a nice huge cup (24oz / .7l) of juice, to get some water and vitamins in me. Seeing as I'm sober enough to post here, I shoudlnt' be running any danger anyway, but still, better safe then sorry. Lets' see how I fele tomorrow.