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hd quesiton


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey, my sisters only got like a 60gb one in her computer so i dug up a 8gb one from a p2 computer which is old and slow.

recently it seems to have slowed her computer down. can this be true? or is it just coz her computer sucks in reality and i did my part?

thx in advance
Yes this can be true, are the two hanging off the same IDE cable?
If so, put them on separate cables.

If possible, use the old and slow one to store files that are rarely or never used.
yeah i told her to put videos on that one. i dont think they on the same cable though i;ll check thanks!

so u are suggesting that if they are on 2 different cable it will speed up.

tbh should i go sell the 8gb one for like few bucks and get here to pay for a 40gb?
Yah I think a slow IDE device can slow down a faster one if they're on the same cable.
Not sure you'll get much if any money for that 8GB one.
Getting a newer, bigger, faster one is probably good.
However I still only use a 40GB one, and I just burn stuff to a DVD-RW every once in a while.
yeah were kids so we download loads of shit. often we shout at eachotehr at home coz we hog the bandwith so much with all the downloads.

i;ve filled my 100GB partically with porno music and videos.

shes got like simpsons 70's show and movies music and paris hilton tv show :p
Sounds like even if you get a bigger HD, it'll get filled.
I'd get a DVD-RW instead. ;)
Sounds like even if you get a bigger HD, it'll get filled.
I'd get a DVD-RW instead. ;)
i had the same thing, had internal one in my laptop wasnt enough, so i got a 120GB external one....got filled within a few days :?
getting a bigger HD makes only sense if u have lots of stuff that u need on an everyday basis, otherwise i'd suggest the same as ESPNSTI, get a dvd burner ;)
dvd burner is too expensive :p and hd is more simply, my sister wont be screwed to burn them. if she burns them she'll put it aside and it b a waste of money
Burners are very cheap these days. It depends how much u treasure what u download. My mentality is i can always download it another time, but thats not always the case, esspecialy with torrents.

A burner would be a more cost effective option.
Not neccessarily jasonchui :)
u can get a 16times burner for about 50-60euros over here, which is cheaper then a 120GB hdd
yea... DVD/RW drives are not that expensive anymore... pretty resonable and it saved my ass when my laptop was infected with virus and I had to save everything as fast as I could