HDR processing with High Dynamic Range 1.85


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Mar 11, 2007
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1. open image with teh software, RAW, diferent exposes or a single jpg.

2. Chose the type of processing, HDR or "fake" HDR.

3.Click in "Tone Map HDR file"

4. chose the settings... many types to chose...my favorite is "ultra-contrast" to the landscape and cityscape composition.

Final result:



Enjoy :cool:
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Sweet! I'll be sure to use that for the Solkan Bridge for my portfolio. :eek:
Hmm...where might a person find this application, gratis?
+rep for you!

And can I get a PM too? ^_^
I have been looking at different tutorials on how to do HDR's, but yours is by far the easiest and most straight forward... and the program does a very good job out of a single photo unlike most others that require at least 2 if not 3+

Like everything it can be found as a torrent. Mininova, TPB ,etc.

Also any chance of explaining what the settings in the program actually do.
I kind of had load photo, select preset, save photo worked out by myself. I'm sure there is more to it than that.

Don't want to sound ungrateful, just looking for some expert tips.
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i like DPHDR, its so much easier than photomatix and produces some very good results very quickly

i find that in photomatix the tonemapper is extremely difficult to use right and often you need to be importing the hdr and the originals back into photoshop to carry out futher work
Send a PM my way please :)

+ rep for the great tutorial!

However, is this really better than photomatix?
Nice tutorial, i personally prefer the slightly more natural results of Photomatix (using Lightroom to export -4 0 en +4 jpegs), but for some uses the more cartoonesque style of Dynamic Photo HDR suits perfectly.
I still prefer Photomatix, you just need to know how to 'fine tune' the results. I'm not sure if in this you get the choice to enhance detail or colour tones (extremely handy in some cases). Nice tutorial though :).


Just had a go with this software and although I have to say that the tonemapping is more reliable (Photomatix can go a bit mad...) the GUI is really really horrible. If this was designed with the features of Photomatix I would change around for sure but until then I think I will spend longer tonemapping :p.
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