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Hello everyone :)


Dec 18, 2004
Ness-Ziona, Israel
Hello everyone ! :) , as you can see I'm new here and first I'd like to say thanks to all the guys that are working hard (im pretty sure) to keep this site running.
I saw that here is where all the new guys are posting their "Hellos", so I thought I'll do it here too.
I'm a huge fan of the Top-Gear and Fifth-Gear shows and since I can't really watch them on TV here in Israel, this site is just great for me :D

I'm 19, I live in Israel in a town called Ness-Ziona (not much to do there :? ) and I drive a 2001 Fiat Punto. That 16v version with the 80bhp. One day I'll buy me a nice small sporty hatchback, but that will happen in few years time i believe.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I think I'll like it here :wink:

EDIT: I'll take a photo of the car soon. Don't know why I havn't did that till now.
I'm quite fond of Puntos - I'll look forward to that picture. Hope you enjoy your stay at these wonderful forums! :)
Welcome to the boards! :)
I will :)
Anyway, I took my car, fetched me a camera and went to take some pictures :D
Here you go: (my love :oops:)
These were taken early in the afternoon:
Pic 1
Pic 2

As you can see the car wasn't very clean, so I took it to the car wash :p
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5 Notice that Spiderman hanging from my window
Pic 6

Thats me doing some driving:
Pic 7
Pic 8

A very special thanks goes to my friend Ofir. He might never read this but he deserves some credit: (He was taking that Spiderman picture)
Friend :?
Nice car, I like it :)
never seen one before
Never seen a Fiat Punto?
I like the Punto Abarth! :)



Someone from Israel adds to the diversity of the forums. This is becoming less a North American forum and more a worldly one.

Ooh, the I like that one too :D

nope, never seen one, don't have 'em here.
Welcome TechZ!

Free cup of coffee after your tenth post :mrgreen:
we know, you have your own thread too :p
Jostyrostelli said:
Never seen a Fiat Punto?
I like the Punto Abarth! :)

Here in Israel we got an HGT model which I think is the same as the Abarth.
To be honest, that was the model I had in mind when I was thinking about buying a Punto. BUT since my mom found me my new love :oops: , before I got my hand on an HGT, I ended up owning that one you see in the pics :)
Yes HGT is the same, I guess...we have them both :|
It's a good car, but a little but expensive, I'd save my money for some nice expensive larger car :)
My mum drives a Punto 3-door and we've had no problems with it in 4 years now, it's a reliable nice car.

the Punto is one cute car, I had never seen the Arbath version before though