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Hello there

Vuk's Brother

New Member
May 4, 2005
I tought i might show my face on these forums and see whats this witchhunt you guys are planning.

I dont think i need to say who i am really the name says it all.

Hey Vuk's brother, well I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you :p
to be honest i could say why it happend but i dont think you guys would care less as u did have to wait till firday for replay. But u must understand that i was very pissed off at someone that day.
Hello, I got a petition of 23 angry members who asked me to ban you for that delay, therefore I'll have to say goodbye to you, it's been nice talking to you.


I'm joking, welcome bud! :)
Hello :wave:
Jostyrostelli said:
Haha, great name!

Sooo....you fucked up that episode a while ago... :p j/k

yeeeah, I was gonna say!!! :D

welcome ..