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Dec 9, 2004
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself and remind you to keep up the good work.
I really appreciate the *enormous* availability of current and past episodes.

bWs :)
Welcome! :mrgreen:

G 8)
hey daniel... haven't seen you in a while... heard about what happened to your driving license... what car are you planning to get after getting your license back?
Well Im going away for a while to study, but when Im getting a car it will probably be a bigger one.Hopefully a 2-door range rover from early 80's late 70's. Or maybe a big Mercedes S Class of some kind... Time will show.
Thanks for asking ;)
Hi I am also new to this place.

A small advice.
Get a newer car dont buy old crap you just end up taking it to the garage all the time and it will cost you alot of money.

I got a BMW 523i 1999 with the M on the steering wheel.
Works great and I also own a Aprilia Falco Sl1000 with slipons which make a GREAT sound from the V2 engine.
Ah seems like you know me already. :mrgreen:

That's normal reactions I get when I post the truth.