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Help me choose my sig


Ambitious but rubbish!
Jul 12, 2004
Sydney, Australia
1998 Subaru Legacy 2.5L
I'v been messing around with a very professional photoediting program called MSPaint and now i'm left with 4-similar looking elegible sigs. Which one should I choose and whats a better program I could use if I wanted to increase the brightness in a pic? Please dont laugh at me i'm so amature at this stuff! Much respect to all you 'proper' choppers :bow:
I don't know why, but i like the front looking to the left, but i think you cut too much of the front and back off compared to the others

Isn't this called photoshop? not MSpaint?

I think the top one is the best ;)
Lilleput said:
nr 3 from the top is the best.
Yeh in terms of colour, that one is the best, but I like the 2nd one. Only thing is the colour is a bit off and I want a program that could help change that. I'm fiddling around with ImageConvertor atm...
I'v just whipped up another one cos I was bored...I love the profile of cars :mrgreen:
Why an E-Class? Are you 80?
LOL NO! :lol: I was bored and I found that pic so I did some professional photoediting :p
Those wheels on the SLR look lame. It needs the 5 spokes from the CLS55.
flyingfridge said:
Those wheels on the SLR look lame. It needs the 5 spokes from the CLS55.
Its a supercar...I wouldnt put those AMG55 rims on :unsure:
I know what you are saying, but those rims on it don't fit the styling of the rest of the car. It needs chunky butch rims, not ceiling fans.
It's far from the best chop I've ever done, but it's not bad for 5 minutes work. See what I mean?

Jostyrostelli said:
^But now it's a Corvette...

Dammit Josty- when I first read that I thought 'Bollocks, the beetle's exhaust must be leaking'! But now that I look at it, I see what you mean - grrrr damn you! :p
So maybe the SLR's styling is generic?

To be honest, I see Corvette in the wheels, but nowhere else.
Wow that great work flyingfridge! Even more respect for choppers now :D I like it, it looks more high performance now...the original wheels are more meant for cruising..its pimp.

EDIT: Those AMG55 wheels would look hot on this SL:
Another professional chop by me :D