Help me pick a car for 5 to 10k CAD


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May 22, 2004
Vancouver, BC
Hey all!

So I'm preparing a move to Toronto, hopefully within the next few months, and that means I'll be looking for a car there.

My wife will be driving it too, she only has an automatic license here in HK, but Ontario doesn't seem to care so she'll get a license to drive manual too.

With that said, she basically hasn't driven anything since she got the license about 10 years ago, so I think we'll stick with an automatic while she gets used to driving and gains her confidence on the road.

I think our budget after the move would be around 5 to 10k CAD. I think I'd like to stick with a car rather than some sort of SUV and preferably not too big.

The ideas I've had so far range from Honda Fit (although I've read a lot of horror stories about reliability) to Acura TL/TSX, with my current favorite being an Acura RSX, but that kind of hurts me to consider an automatic one.

I've been out of the car loop for a while so I'm probably missing some obvious choices of semi-recent not too boring options.

Any input is appreciated :)
If you want something in RHD, it may be cheaper to import it yourself. Some of them are amazingly cheap, especially Legacy Wagons, especially if it's an automatic.
Oh I'm not specifically looking for RHD, actually they did sell the IS300 estate in Canada it seems so it may make more sense to just get that if I want one.