Help Needed: Cornbred/muffins

When the American Civil War ended (it did, honest!), there was very little sugar to be had in the south. Therefore, Southern Corn Bread evolved without it.
Well I have been playing with this recipe a bit. I only cook one or two muffins at a time so I have had plenty of time to mess with it.

I just made my second batch and I think I have enchanted it a bit. I didn't use any corn kernels and added 1/4 cup of sugar and a bit of vanilla. Without those two it seemed too bland with the chili. Though I mixed the batter too well this time and now it is more of a cake in consistency. I might try adding some cinnamon and see how that works.
Was over at my parent's house this weekend (Mother's Day) and looky what I found sitting on the stove!

Heated a piece up in the microwave, smeared some butter on it, and I was in heaven! :D