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Oct 31, 2010
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Hi! We're looking for people willing to help with translating / transcribing Top Gear subtitles.
British preferably, because of all the slang and stuff... :)

OK... In the meantime, I could ask here about the problem I'm currently dealing with...

What is James May talking about when he talks about "turfing" in S10E03? Could you explain the term and how it fits in the context?

It goes like this:

JEREMY: She pointed out that, you can't smoke anything now in the studio. Anything. Doesn't matter if it's herbal or tobacco, you're not allowed to. Which means it is now illegal to inhale the Mayor of London if he's on fire.

JAMES: What if we turf him?

- Turf him?

HAMMOND: Is that some euphemism from those "special clubs" you go?
You see a nice bloke in a leather hat, "I'd love to turf him."
It's not?

I'm thinking of that artist, I can't remember his name, who turfs buildings and statues...

- Where do you live?!

- He does it in London, he did it in the South Bank, we turf Ken Livingstone, stick him on a plynth, job done.

I know that it means "to kill" in slang. Some people told me it could also have something to do with smoking weed, but I'm not sure how it would fit with these sentences:
"I'm thinking of that artist, I can't remember his name, who turfs buildings and statues..."
"we turf Ken Livingstone, stick him on a plinth"
It simply means covering in turf ie strips of soil with grass growing out of it such as you would use to make a lawn or a football pitch.

Should this perhaps be merged with the Top Gear British Phrases Explanation Thread?
Hey everybody!
We are only one line away from completing the subtitles for the entire show!!!

Please help, I'm doing this by ear, what does Jeremy say at 4:48?

I was in school with him
We used to ________________ in the metal workshop ?????????
Where's that gonna get him?
go to school with him, specky Newy's in the metal workshop

specky = wears spectacles = wears reading glasses
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