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Help setting up a Wireless Ad-Hoc network ?


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Mar 24, 2005
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As above ..

I've fitted my PC with a wireless PCI card, in the hope of beiong able to connect to my laptop just for data transfer. I created a Home Wireless network on the laptop and my PC connected to it no problem but my Laptop could not find it. So I done it the opposite way around, (Created Network on PC) PC could still see it, Laptop still couldnt.

I've noticed that under advanced on the connection tab on my PC it Has the Box titled "This is a computer-to-computer [ad-hoc] network; wireless access points are not used" The box is grayed out but it has a Tick in it. On my laptop, The same box is grayed out but has no tick in it, could that be the problem ?

Is it possible to run them this way or do I need a router ?
dont use widows, use software that came with wifi adapters... it should be easier...
usually laptops have a button to unable WIFI, have u done something like that or your laptops different?

edit: no I am wrong here, PC woulnt connect to it then :(
Cosworth said:
think i'll just have to wait and get a router :(

NO NO NO Let's solve this. Don't give up!

Can you ping your computers? Look for the internal IP of both your laptop/desktop (Run -> command -> ipconfig)

Try to ping the other computer. For example, if your laptop has an IP like, type on your desktop: (run -> command) c:\ping
And vice versa.

If that works, try to press "Windows-button + E" to fire up windows explorer, click 'my network places', click 'entire network', click 'microsoft windows network'

Normally, both the computers should have the same workgroup (MSHOME, COSWORTH,...)
any chance you've set your PC WIFI card to work with G standard but Laptop would only work with B?