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Help with downloading Top Gear.


New Member
Dec 12, 2004
I am having problems downloading the November 21st edition of Top Gear, when I save the file and it starts to download an error message appears declairing; problem connecting to tracker. Does anyone know what might be wrong? How do I fix it? I am using ABC.

I am very keen to see the episode as I am a big Morgan fan and missed the review of the Aero 8 GTN.
Thanks William
wculbert said:
No it does not.
so that means youre in the tracker's blocklist. What's your IP?
btw another solution would be to use a proxy for tracker-communication. but i dont know if ABC supports that ;)

but im going to sleep now, so i wont be able to unblock you for the next 8 hours or so.
i cant find that ip in the blocklist:

FR-RENATER- ENS-CACHANEcole Normale Superieure de:
20th Tactical Fighter Wing Royal Air Force Base Up:
36th Tactical Fighter Wing Bitburg Air Base GERMAN:
He means that you should be able to connect to the tracker. It must be something on your end.