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help with G3 imac


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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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I just bought a new iMac!

however, I ran into some problems, because I bought an OSless iMac, it means I have to run out and buy a new OS and install it, there are a few problems though... first of all, I wish to install the latest OS X on my computer, or at least Panther... but then I need to first install OS 9 to run a firmware update. My question is that if I buy a copy of OSX Panther or Tiger, does it have OS9 bundled into it or do I have to buy the 2 copies seperately? and the second question is, my Mac is a slot-loading normal CD drive and I believe the OSX tiger installation disc is a DVD disc... is there anyway I can get around that?
This might help:


it looks like you'll need a copy of 9 first, but you can download that guilt-free if you're planning on buying OSX.

You can do that by going to, I don't know, www.isohunt.com and maybe typing in "Mac.OS.9.CD.Kit" or something like that. ;)
hmm.. maybe I'll try Panther then... but I don't know where I'm going to get hold of a Panther OS now, but does anyone know if I buy a panther, does it come with OS9?
i run tiger on a beige G3 266 mhz - it IS a$$ slow, but much faster than panther (so far, with each new os x release, the OS has gotten incrementally faster on older hardware) the big killer is ram-you simply want as much as you can get.

i also run tiger on a 2x2 ghz G5 at home, a G4 867 at work and my wife's company on a G3 (800 mhz) iBook, a 15" Powerbook, a 12" Powerbook, a 17" Powerbook and a 1.4 ghz G4 iBook. Sure, some are much faster than others, but overall the ugrade from Panther to Tiger was a great change.

OS 9 can be found pretty easy -


and older versions of OS X are cheap: