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helping finding songs...


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Aug 13, 2005
is there any sites that l can download the songs from TopGear?! in mp3 format....

I dought it. Very few sites offer free HTTP downloads for music because of the costs involved if everyone goes there.
Check this link out for the songs in TopGear:
If I want a song that was on TopGear I usually check out peer to peer programs like Limewire or Kazzaa...beware of spyware though.
Try... *cough*..e..*cough*..mule... (I hope the idiots from RIAA or whatever are stupid and can't read that... OH CRAP! Did I say that out loud....)

I'll be gone now...

I found quite a few songs that I like from TG actually through the "What's That Thong, I mean Song" thread. I managed to contribute a few times as well :lol:.
What kind of wire? fishing, chicken, now I'm confused :? :p
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Bunch of bastards, you make it funny, I can't lock this, love ya guys! :lol: 8)
You can also get a spy a torrent website (T-S) and while looking at that webiste you can use a PROFESSIONAL lime that uses wires, very efficient i'd say